Soft Bait Silicone Fishing Lures Hooks


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High Strength hook design to secure capture on topwater strikes.
Brilliant Natural Spider Pattern, durable ABS material and sharper hooks. Lifelike patterns, create lifelike action to attract in both saltwater and freshwater
Hollow body top water Features a self-righting ballast in its sternum,There are two steel balls in the belly, which can make the sound to attract fish while ensuring the balance of the body
Size:length about 3.3inch,Targetting at fish in upper water,Naturally moving legs.also wonderful fishing gift for angler
wuitble for saltwater and freshwater fish:Barram-undi,Yellowbelly,Flathead,Mangrove jack,Mackerel,Redfin,Bass,Cod,Trevally,Salmon,Mulloway,Trout,Bream,Skipjack,Scad


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