Fishing Lures for Bass,5 Pcs Spinner Baits for Bass Fishing


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Bait list: 5 rotating baits, 5 different colors. Each spinning bait weighs about 0.59oz / 17g.
The combination of copper and willow double blades enhances the flash and vibration, they rotate very straight and hum correctly, and are not easy to rust.
The rotating bait is equipped with double willow blades, hand-tied silicon skirt, used for opening the loop of the thread attachment, and also equipped with a rotating device and a hook.
The rotating bait has a realistic head with open cheeks, skirt bait and 3D eyes, and a heavy weed protection layer helps to cover easily.
Men’s fishing gift: equipped with a high-carbon steel razor sharp tweeter hook, very suitable for bass, trout, walleye, northern pike and salmon.


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