Fishing Lures for Bass, Soft Swimbaits


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It is made of high-quality Japanese materials and has been professionally designed and strictly tested to make it more realistic and attractive. The lively Japanese design of soft plastic bait perfectly mimics the erratic behavior of bait.
The bait has an ideal weight, can be cast for a long time and sink slowly, and can achieve a slow, trembling performance. The soft swimsuit has a precisely designed shape to produce a perfect kick. You can easily throw the bait into your ideal fishing area.
The perch lure has a special 3D tail that emits turbulence, super-realistic patterns, lifelike nautical eyes and solid wire, and is supported by construction and super-sharp BKK rear hooks. The top hook prevents hanging up. Its weed-free nature allows you to catch it well with various types of cover.
The freshwater bait is made of Japanese materials, which is an ideal size of 3.5 inches and can withstand a variety of blows. Whether you are fishing on reefs, estuaries, rivers, freshwater or saltwater, Truscend bait will become your important paddle tail bait, the target is bass, trout, walleye, pikesnock, salmon, redfish, etc.


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