35 Piece-Crawfish-Bass-Soft-Plastic-Fishing-Lures

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A money-saving tool kit-great for bass performance, but also for panfish and trout to white bass and drum performance. In this money-saving 35 full classic XFISHMAN Ned rig kit, you will find 5 1/10 oz. Finesse mushroom jigs, five 1/6 ounces. Fine mushroom mushroom heads and 25 3.25 inch Ned crayfish.
Bass Favorites-Compact and realistic 3.25 inch crayfish imitation, perfect for Ned Rig applications
Classic design-spherical, buoyant claws float when stationary, imitating the natural defensive posture of crayfish, the tail of the chin and the flat abdomen produce sliding motion, it is the first choice for sophisticated enthusiasts and an ideal trailer for small skirt fixtures

3 reviews for 35 Piece-Crawfish-Bass-Soft-Plastic-Fishing-Lures

  1. Rick B

    Great soft plastics, each craw is two different colors on the top and bottom. These are going to be great for smallmouth and largies.

  2. J. Smitts

    I kinda wish that the hooks had weed guards, but it’s not a big deal. Considering the price, the variety of colors, and the fact that you can technically use whatever ned heads you want, these are a pretty good value. I haven’t caught any fish on them yet though… mostly because the weather has prevented me from going. I have no doubts these will catch fish though.

  3. rzagula

    Can’t wait to try these baits in one of my favorite lakes, I’m sure they’ll catch the bass I’m after!

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