Our company established in 1921, today globally operates three key businesses,
with sales offices and factories all over the world.
We will continue supplying “captivating products” to help promote the sports fishing cultures.

Closer to Nature, Closer to People.

People know the joy of contacting their hearts to the breathing of nature.
People know the joy of meeting someone to communicate with each other.
That’s simply because all people have nature in themselves.
And tools are largely connected with the joy of people.

We have been providing attractive products with a focus on cycling and fishing, the most popular outdoor sports.

Wind touching the skin, sunlight streaming through the trees, and wave patterns covering the water excite the hearts of people.
We are aiming to become a company to create excitement among people.

We will continue to support people to realize their dreams to create new lifestyles to bring them closer to nature and share the joy of life with each other.

Code of Conduct

To accomplish our mission statement “To promote health and happiness through the enjoyment of nature and the world around us”, We upholds the universal ethical values and law-abiding spirit of a corporate citizen in the global society and continues to be a “Value-Creating Company”, which provides “exciting products” loved by people around the world.

This Code of Conduct (hereinafter referred to as “the Code”) is a stipulation of policies that every individual within the Team, including our Inc. and all of its subsidiaries around the world, shall comply within our daily business activities, for the purpose of contributing to the global society as one of its members, and to strengthen the confidence in Team from all stakeholders including our customers, shareholders, and business partners through sound business practices.

We strives to always comply with the Code as well as applicable laws and regulations and conduct its business with sincerity.